Writing Development

Published books go through multiple drafts, with the vast majority of successful titles having been thoroughly edited by several people. It is usual, as part of this process, for an author to work with a literary agent and a dedicated editor. However, even before reaching this stage, authors are expected to have polished their manuscript to a high standard.
As publishers and writers ourselves, we recognise the amount of effort and skills that are required to make a manuscript ready for publication. For this reason, we can offer a number of options to authors who are at different stages of the publishing journey.

Manuscript Reviews

An experienced editor can review your book manuscript and compile a report with suggested improvements. You can use this to revise your manuscript so it can have much higher chances of success of being placed with a literary agent or publisher.

Literary Agent Submissions

Not only should your manuscript be ready, but you also need to finesse a suitable covering letter, sample chapters and synopsis. We can review these things and also suggest appropriate literary agents who may be interested in your book.


By being paired with an experienced author who has already been published, or a professional literary agent, you can be provided with a level of guidance and feedback that exceeds even the best ‘write to be published’ course. Mentoring develops both writing and author, with direct publishing opportunities.