Tree Triumph: The Oakupy Project 2020 is a success

By Ellie Potts

This summer, we (Arkbound Foundation) were made aware of the alarming 750,000 oak trees that were due to be destroyed if nurseries could not sell them.

Based on the fantastic initiative created and circulated by Extinction Rebellion, we decided to run our own tree-saving scheme ‘The Oakupy Project’. This project, completed in December, saw 1000 native oak trees find homes in the Bristol and South West region.

We provided the trees, free of charge, to the community in order for them to ‘oakupy’ places and spaces, from community centres and youth clubs to private woodlands and schools.

Ellie, The Oakupy Project Coordinator, said ‘It was just fantastic to reach out to the community and have so many lovely people interested in saving these trees.’

With set-backs caused by changing tiers and social distancing rules, this community project faced some difficulties. However, through the dedication of volunteer planting groups, we were able to bring the community together with a shared planting aim, whilst keeping space and staying safe.

The Oakupy Project would not have been a success without the generous support of The Lord Barnby Foundation, Triodos Foundation, Smaller Footprints (Clifton), and St Pauls Learning Centre (who acted as a COVID safe oak collection point).

At Arkbound, we are so grateful for the help we received to put this project into action and would like to thank everyone who got involved. We hope to run another environmental community project in the near future.


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Ellie Potts is a third year ‘Creative and Professional Writing’ student and environmental activist, currently employed part-time at Arkbound.

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