Book Submissions

Arkbound is open to considering new submissions that fit with our criteria. Bear in mind, due to the quantity of submissions we receive, we may not be able to respond to each one.

If we respond to your submission then you will be required to send a Synopsis, Sample Chapter (of at least 5000 words for an adult book or 10 pages for an illustrated children’s book) and Book Proposal that covers:-

  1. Your details (brief biography);
  2. Brief description of book and chapters;
  3. Market comparison;
  4. How the book can be promoted;
  5. How you will help promote and sell the book;
  6. Whether and how you will crowdfund for the book;
  7. Any other relevant information.

Submissions should take into account the general Arkbound criteria, which focuses on supporting authors from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds, together with books that cover an important social / environmental theme.

We are only able to consider books that are in Word format. If your book is incomplete and you need support writing it, please visit Writing Development. We also offer manuscript reviews, subject to availability.

If you would like to proceed with submitting your book, please complete the below form. If we feel the book is suitable, we will then get back in touch with you to seek further information.


Check out  the Publishing Procedure Page Click Here

We consider any genre, with the exception of erotica.  If your book touches upon environmental or social themes, which may encourage the reader to make positive changes in their life or raise awareness over an important issue, then we are especially interested. Combine this with being from an under-represented and/or disadvantaged background and you fit precisely the kind of author we like to work with. Other factors also play a part, such as ability to self-promote, whether the book fits with our existing list and priorities, and – last but not least – quality of writing.

  • We are an award winning social enterprise.
  • Innovative and creative publishing methods: we launched a new literary award, have an annual competition, developed a new media network, and much more!
  • Good links to the press – from local magazines to national newspapers.
  • A comprehensive ‘all in one’ publishing service, from proofreading right the way to promotion and everything in-between. All of your publishing needs are covered with us.
  • We place collaboration and creative development ahead of profits.
  • Reliable and effective promotional methods, ensuring that your book stands out from the crowd!
  • We sponsor and mentor disadvantaged authors, whilst providing truly accessible publishing options to everyone else. We believe that successful book publishing should not be reserved solely for the well connected and wealthy, but open to all.

Arkbound books can be distributed both online and offline. We can make your book available from Amazon and most other online retailers. For offline distribution we work with Gazelle Distribution and several other companies to make your books available in book shops across the world, which can also order copies directly. We have links with Waterstones, The Great British Bookstore, Foyles and many others so that your book can not only be stored but effectively promoted (see below).

Arkbound uses a number of different tools and techniques to get your book promoted. These include press releases to our expansive contact list, features and reviews on Arkbound’s media and our affiliates, book signings and readings, festivals and events, direct marketing materials (t-shirts, bookmarks, flyers, etc), digital marketing methods (elements of SEO and backlinks), plus some other stuff that we are keeping under wraps. In short, we leave our competitors in the dark ages when it comes to promotion! Nonetheless, we are still dependent on authors to self-promote their books to the best of their abilities, and we only select authors who are willing and able to do the necessary promotional work.

We have offices in Bristol and Glasgow, with many staff also working remotely. Our book imprint, Palavro, also has an office in Lisbon.

Sponsorship is where a third party covers the publishing costs of a book, because the author passes certain eligibility and where we could not take their book on otherwise. Sponsored books can be funded via crowdfunding campaigns and grants, of which the Arkbound Foundation is one option. We will advise an author if we think their book may be suitable for sponsorship and aim to provide assistance in securing funding where possible. In general, sponsored titles come from authors who are disadvantaged – this could mean someone who has faced (or is facing) significant hardship on their writing journey, which may otherwise prevent them from getting published. Homelessness, unemployment, imprisonment and disability are typical examples. As much as we’d like to, we cannot always sponsor everyone who is disadvantaged. We need to see talent and evidence of hard work – a driving story that has the potential to be made into a masterpiece (or it may already be one!). For those without a finished manuscript, we can sometimes refer people to creative writing and mentoring support (done by the Arkbound Foundation).

Sometimes you cannot beat the feel of turning a page and all the sensations that go with reading a printed book. This is why we believe that each book we publish should be available both digitally and in hard copy. Like a lot of independent publishers, we utilise print on demand (‘POD’). This means that we can provide you with affordable copies – from 10 to 100 or over – as well as making your book available to anyone who wants to buy it. Whenever someone orders a copy, POD ensures that it is quickly printed and delivered as if there was already a warehouse full.

Arkbound takes a standard royalty of 33% for each book – authors receive 66%. These returns come after the costs of printing, distribution and any retailer discounts. Each author will sign a contract and will be paid royalties either bi-annually or annually (depending on the nature of the book), accompanied with a payment report showing a breakdown of sales. If you want copies of your book to sell directly through your own channels, we just charge the print costs.

Generally most of our proofreading and editing is done in-house. We have a team of staff and trustees with a combined 48 years experience in this area. Where it is not possible to do in-house, we rely upon experience and vetted freelancers.

Arkbound is proud to have consistently excellent reviews and feedback from people who use our services, but in the event that someone is unhappy then we would seek to work with them to solve the problem.


A way to successfully publish books without the luxury of being a billionaire-owned publisher or getting five figure sums from the Arts Council. And yes, it is relevant to you. The vast majority of authors from June 2022 will be expected to crowdfund. But – wait a minute – it is not a case of you having to go off by yourself and achieve the luck of 101 supporters willing to part with money to pay for your book. Instead, our crowdfunding model is based upon two tiers of dedicated support, with access to generous match funding in certain cases, and it sets you off to a running start in terms of building the momentum for promotion when your book is released. Crowdfunding is not easy, but do not be daunted by it. Here it’s free, fully supported, and can even be fun!

Yes, we do! You have the option of either being supported to record your book in segments yourself, or us working with a dedicated narrator to do this. The process can be slow, and expensive, so it is not always applicable to every book we publish.

Yes, ebooks are standard for every print book we produce.

A lot! Through our managing charity, the Arkbound Foundation, we run mentoring projects, workshops, tree planting initiatives and – as you’ve taken the time to read so far – we even offer a whopping 50% off any book on this website. Just email, with an email headed by ‘I AM A DILIGENT READER!’ We like nothing more than to work with those who take the time and care to read through FAQs 🙂