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We do things differently to other publishers, but in a good way. Our slogan – ‘Building futures, bridging divides’ – is about opening up new opportunities to writers, building their futures as authors and creative individuals, as well as bridging divides in the publishing world.

Whereas many publishers are too afraid or insular to take risks on new authors, we exist to give them a chance. People from disadvantaged backgrounds, who might otherwise struggle to get published because of their lack of contacts or poor self-esteem, are most welcome. Books that have an environmental or social theme – which help readers to positively change their behaviour – are also encouraged.

Since 2019 our sole publishing focus has been around supporting authors in line with the charitable purposes of the Arkbound Foundation. We also take on new authors who present a compelling case for publication of high quality work (‘traditional’ publishing).


Best ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Social Enterprise’ FFR categories

Three routes to publishing

Traditional Publishing

If your book is of high quality and if you can identify a strong reason why people would buy it, with routes you can help it reach the market, then you are well on your way to getting a Publishing Agreement. However, we receive lots of submissions so even if your book passes these criteria it may be that we are unable to consider publishing it. We have a particular emphasis on books with an important environmental or social message, which have been written by somebody from a disadvantaged backgrounds. For these types of books, the Sponsored Publishing route is an option (see adjacent).

Sponsored Publishing

There may be cases where an author may be eligible for sponsorship. This means that the costs of publishing their book are covered by a third party, such as a charitable trust or foundation. If we think your book can be sponsored then we will aim to help you in the fundraising process. Your book may also be eligible for sponsorship from the Arkbound Foundation (please visit for more details). Authors sponsored by the Foundation come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have written books with a strong environmental or social theme. Regardless of sponsorship, we will still look to refer new authors to crowdpublishing (adjacent).


Our dedicated crowdpublishing website,, allows prospective authors to raise support for their book through the power of ‘the crowd’ – a model known as crowdpublishing. This is increasingly being recognised as the best way to achieve the balance between supporting new authors and mitigating the financial risks for a publisher. It also provides a way to spur promotion of a book, since backers will represent future readers with an active interest in seeing the book do well. Crowdbound has a key focus on social and environmental works, providing levels of enhanced support and opportunities for those creating campaigns.

The Publishing Process

Publishing a book is a complex process and involves many different steps. Whilst each book is unique in terms of its needs, we have set out below the usual publishing process for most titles.

The above process can have many ‘sub-steps’ inbetween the main ones, such as registering the book ISBN with Nielsen and looking at potential translation options, but this gives a good outline of what happens.

Often what is overlooked by many publishing outlets is the distribution and promotion stage. With Arkbound we have a growing network of distributors, wholesalers and retailers, which means our titles can be accessed throughout the UK as well as beyond. You can see a list of some places where we send our books below.


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One of our titles being
showcased by Waterstones


Regional press coverage
of one of our titles


WH Smith


Ingram and Ingram Spark

Abe Books

Lightning Source



Tomorrow’s People




The Book Depository


Guardian book store

The Great British Bookstore






Barnes and Noble


And, last but not least, numerous independents across the UK!

Whether a title is stocked by a store is very much dependent on if the store wants to buy that title. However, the chances of that happening can increase if the book is properly promoted and if people start coming in making orders. In this way it is possible to get a book physically appearing on book shelves, as well as on the retailer websites.

Arkbound has been publishing books for over three years and, in partnership with other organisations, has developed an effective promotional strategy. But it is still very much dependent on authors to self-promote, and to invest considerable time (and where possible money) into this area. We have opened our new Crowdpublishing division exactly with that in mind, with the opportunity to raise funding that can go towards effective promotion, as well as the actual book production costs.

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