Publishing Network

You will receive extensive training and support through a combination of workshops, correspondence and resource packs. We encourage people looking to join the Publishing Network to enrol on the Publishing Excellence Programme, but that is not a requirement.

How does it work?

You will be fully trained and accredited as one of our Publishing Partners and licensed to utilise our training materials and publishing infrastructure. This will enable you to deliver our proven range of services locally in the fast-growing publishing world and to be rewarded accordingly as part of our Network. Joining the Network is an ideal income generation for community and voluntary groups, as well as a great business opportunity which can be run on a full or part time basis by individuals.

Each publisher will be enrolled onto an initial training programme and given access to a comprehensive resource pack to take their publishing business forward. After this, publishers will be developed and promoted under the Arkbound brand, so that they can utilise our own infrastructure and international networks. From editing and proofreading to distribution and marketing, each publisher will be equipped to provide valuable publishing services.

The network works on a collaborative basis and each publisher supports the other, with ongoing opportunities arising that will allow you to constantly develop and progress in new areas.

Income streams

By joining the Publishing Network, you will have access to various income streams:-

  • Book publishing services: You can provide a comprehensive or discrete service to authors looking to get effectively published.
  • Advertising and sponsorship: Through magazine publications and other media, you can secure advertising and sponsorship.
  • Sales: You can make income from book and magazine sales/subscriptions.
  • Bespoke services: From copy-writing and brochure design to business reviews and event brochure production, there are numerous services that you will be well placed to provide.
  • Funding: You can access several funding avenues by connecting with the Arkbound Foundation, from small grants to national investment programmes and crowdfunding campaigns.