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Boundless is Arkbound’s flagship publication – a Bristol based magazine that has been going since October 2015. It combines a local perspective with articles on international and national issues. Distributed primarily in Bristol, but also in Bath, Cardiff and London, Boundless features a range of exciting pieces:-

  • Articles on sustainable living, with a focus on innovative approaches;
  • Climate change updates, working in partnership with the Climate News Network and Earth Journalism Network;
  • Artwork and writing from socially excluded or disadvantaged people;
  • Investigative journalism (From uncovering tax evasion schemes to clever scams);
  • News, views and interviews (From Enriq Duran, Spain’s bank-robbing outlaw, to Banksy);
  • Book reviews from authors and readers;
  • ‘Spotlights’ (On the community and beyond);
  • Competitions, puzzles and games.

In addition, Boundless magazine has a firm social enterprise ethos. This means that money from sales goes towards helping homelessness (we work in partnership with homeless charity Emmaus and independent vendors who have experienced homelessness or are currently facing it). We give free coverage to local organisations that do good in the community, provide work placements to aspiring journalists, use a sustainable local printer, and also distribute in an environmentally friendly manner. All of these things has helped Boundless to become an award winning publication.

The magazine is available in hard-copy from a number of outlets and vendors across Bristol. You can also subscribe. For advertisers, Boundless offers the best value print advertising in the South West, with excellent results for organisations and companies in comparison to other media. If you are interested in advertising, just get in touch.

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Roll up, roll up, get your copies of Boundless!