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We are a charity book publisher based in Bristol and Glasgow. Our aim is to support authors from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds to get their voices heard, especially for writing that covers important social and environmental themes. The Arkbound Foundation furthers this through workshops, events and mentoring. Since 2015, we have published a range of books in fiction and non-fiction, with a list of available books here. New book submissions are welcomed, although we usually focus on authors who have been supported through the Arkbound Foundation.

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Jen Gale

J M Gale was born in Ayrshire and grew up in Stirling. She enjoys writing the familiar characters who often pass unnoticed. To be inspired by their stories allows her to celebrate the brilliance and resilience  that exists all around us, even when we don’t take note of it. Directly experiencing social exclusion from a young age has allowed her to explore narratives that don’t otherwise reach the mainstream.

Her debut novel, ‘Cupid’s a Psycho’ (published on 14th February 2022) is for adolescent readers, exploring issues around love and coming of age.

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