Writing Services

We recognise that some writers need additional support and mentoring in writing their book, with many having received no prior instruction or guidance in this area.

Although we can only accept completed manuscripts for publication, we work with a number of connected organisations and people who can help in the writing process.

We can also supply you with extensive support documents, which you can use to explore and learn more about creative writing techniques.

Mentoring and Creative Writing Workshops

The Arkbound Foundation delivers creative writing mentoring and workshops – please visit http://www.arkfound.org/ for more information.

In some circumstances we may be able to mentor and support authors directly, and can certainly provide a range of support documents like the one below.

Bespoke Writing Services

We can help you, whether you need an expert eye to look over your book and give feedback on how it can be improved, or even someone to help develop your story idea to something that can be published.

Arkbound works with other publishers and freelancers to deliver these vital services, as well as being able to provide an impartial manuscript review for authors considering whether publishing is the right route to take.

Some of the people we work with include award winning ghost writers like Amanda Thomas. With an absolute passion for creativity in whatever genre she is working in, Amanda has a light touch with her writing and can handle tragedy and triumph with equal sensitivity and understanding.

Similarly, organisations like The Write Factor can provide in-depth personalised support that take you from a raw plot to a polished manuscript.