The Publishing Process

Publishing a book is a complex process and involves many different steps. Whilst each book is unique in terms of its needs, we have set out below the usual publishing process for most titles.

web The Publishing Process

The above process can have many ‘sub-steps’ inbetween the main ones, such as registering the book ISBN with Nielsen and looking at potential translation options, but this gives a good outline of what happens.

Often what is overlooked by many publishing outlets is the distribution and promotion stage. With Arkbound we have a growing network of distributors, wholesalers and retailers, which means our titles can be accessed throughout the UK as well as beyond. You can see a list of some places where we send our books below.

Bertrams and Gardners
WaterstonesAbe Books
WH SmithIngram and Ingram SparkLightning Source
FoylesTomorrow’s PeopleBlackwells
The Book DepositoryGuardian book storeThe Great British Bookstore
KoboNookBarnes and Noble

And, last but not least, numerous independents across the UK!

Whether a title is stocked by a store is very much dependent on if the store wants to buy that title. However, the chances of that happening can increase if the book is properly promoted and if people start coming in making orders. In this way it is possible to get a book physically appearing on book shelves, as well as on the retailer websites.

Arkbound has been publishing books for over three years and, in partnership with other organisations, has developed an effective promotional strategy. For more information, visit the Publish with Arkbound page.

LJ2 waterstones The Publishing Process

One of our titles being showcased by Waterstones

bentilly The Publishing Process

Regional press coverage of one of our titles