Book Review: Lyrically Justified Volume Two

‘Lyrically Justified’ is a marvellous anthology giving voice to a diverse cast of poets from equally diverse backgrounds. It shines a light on an array of issues that affect us all as modern citizens from politics to various social issues. And the poetry lives up to the title of the anthology, being full of rhythm and some wonderful lyricism which made it a joy to read aloud.

The fact that all the poets are telling their own unique stories in their own unique way makes for a refreshing read. Because there are so many voices, every reader is bound to find a gem in there that speaks to them. I certainly found a few poems that resonated with me such as, ‘Black Girl Twirl’ by Sukina Douglas and ‘Warrior Queen’ by Alyx Tamminen. And there were some that were very memorable such as ‘Crimson Sky’ by Nathaniel Benson and ‘The Ballad of Refuge’ by David Punter.

It is encouraging and ever so inspiring to read an anthology that gives a platform to emerging poets and to see them shine in their own way. Overall, a truly enjoyable read. 10/10

Grace Nyaboko is a 22 year old lover of all things bookish. You can catch her snapping her latest reads on her Instagram page (@teaandpapercuts) or posting her poetry on her blog.

Leading on from the success of the first volume, Lyrically Justified (Volume 2) is available to buy here.