Book Review: The Natural Self

The demands of the modern lifestyle have led to an increasing disconnect both with ourselves and our understanding of what it truly means to be human, with our communities, and with nature. The Natural Self offers readers a wonderfully thoughtful solution to this problem. The authors take the reader’s hand in leading them on a quest to rediscovering the ‘natural self’, a self that is at peace within themselves, with nature and with their community. This is a very practical text which not only gives pointers on how to achieve this goal such as encouraging the reader to wander or sit in nature often, but the reader also has the opportunity to engage with the text through the accompanying journal pages where they can reflect on the various topics suggested in the book. This is a wonderful way of encouraging mindfulness and is added to by the integration of some really great pieces of poetry that conjure up peaceful images that really engage the imagination in an exercise of awareness. The visual art is also a great accompaniment to the poetry as well. All in all, it is a very effective guidebook and will lead the reader on a very enlightening journey.

Words by Grace Nyaboko

Grace Nyaboko is a 22 year old lover of all things bookish. You can catch her snapping her latest reads on her Instagram page (@teaandpapercuts) or posting her poetry on her blog.

The Natural Self combines eco-psychology, holistic nature-based practices and the benefits of a life lived closer to nature to create a series of poetic musings and journalistic prose on the self and our relationship to the world. Written by Rhonda Brandrick and Michéal Connors, The Natural Self is published by Arkbound, and is available here to buy.