New Review: A Journalism Handbook for Media Entrepreneurs

By Jemma O’Donovan

‘A Journalism Handbook For Media Entrepreneurs’ is a handbook that looks extensively into how someone can start a media outlet by themselves, and how they would be able to keep their finances under control and to make the most of every situation. This book is full of advice and tips on how to start a successful career in journalism, and it covers every aspect you could ever need.

Upon first reading this handbook, the first thing that I found helpful was the checklist. All of the questions perfectly summarised each chapter and topic of the book, and as an aspiring writer, I found that the checklist managed to help me take away the most important points of each chapter, and that if I were to actively follow this handbook and take the steps to becoming a journalist, I think that the checklist would allow me to make sure that I had taken in the information and that I was ready to put it into practice.

I found that this handbook was very easy to follow and it never told the readers to do something without explaining how to do it, and I think this was what I valued most, because I have read handbooks in the past that express commands but do not give any tips. But this book does exactly what it promises to, and with the help of leading journalists from all over the world, I think that anyone who reads this handbook will be well-equipped to take huge steps into the world of journalism.