Publishing Excellence Programme

Are you looking to start a career in publishing and media?

gold leaf penThe publishing and media industry is one of the most competitive for work placements in the UK, with a higher applicant-position ratio than financial and legal services. Despite this, those with relevant qualifications and experience in the editorial, writing and publishing fields are highly sought after across the world, with several international companies stating a preference for people who graduated from British universities, who have also worked within UK companies.

Experience, of course, is the one thing that many graduates seeking employment have problems with. Most publishing and media companies – both within and outside of the UK – expect candidates to have experience in their chosen roles. To this end, a network of innovative publishers have helped to develop a Programme for people looking to enter the publishing and media industry, which will increase their chances of employment in this sector.

The Publishing Excellence Programme is currently considering new intakes for 2017-2018.

The Programme covers all essential elements of book and magazine publishing, with the option to focus upon one of these areas. Through a combination of mentorship, support documents, seminars and in-office training, this Programme has been developed by publishers across the UK to be a ‘launch pad’ into publishing and media. Upon completion of the Programme, candidates will have a wealth of practical skills and experience that will place them in the best position to approach other employers.

To date all people who have undertaken the Programme have gone on to secure jobs in the publishing and media industry, and a few have even succeeded in establishing their own companies and publications within the sector. The Programme offers a broad and innovative range of onward support and external connections to ensure that candidates can progress.

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