Mentoring and Critiques

Arkbound is able to offer mentoring to aspiring writers, so that they can develop their work to publishing standard. We have a network of experienced authors across the UK, who can provide direct support and guidance on a voluntary basis. We can also provide ongoing assistance ourselves, with a directory of specialist organisations and a collection of documents that can be sent out freely.

Importantly, Arkbound recognizes that some of the most talented authors often start out at a level where they need some degree of mentoring – after all, everyone has to start somewhere!

We can also offer a critique service, using our experience in the publishing world to review a manuscript and make suggestions on how it can be improved. This extends to writing a full report on the book, with clear-cut advice to allow you to develop further.

♦ ◊ ♦

In the past we have done talks and workshops to help budding writers, in partnership with community-based writers’ groups and educational institutions, and this remains something that Arkbound is committed to supporting.

Want to become a mentor? If you are an experienced writer, looking to help others on their path to eventual publication, we’d love to hear from you.