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Find below a selection of featured books, published by Arkbound, along with some great author videos. The books are listed by publication date. You may order them directly from us (we accept payment by Paypal, BACs or cheque), which gives a better deal to authors as other distribution networks and retailers usually ask for a discount but still charge you the full price. If you would like a signed copy, or would like to feature your own book, please contact us.

  • 9781912092659

    9781912092659‘Roofless’ by Stuart Harvey and First Stop Darlington

    Biography collection/true stories

    Everyone who has lived on the street has their own story. Some have made bad decisions, others have been a victim of foul circumstance, but for most it is a bit of both. ‘Roofless’ tells the harrowing true stories of seven people’s descent into homelessness and the ways in which they have confronted issues, faced obstacles, and emerged from the experience. This poignant collection leaves you in no doubt that change is needed, whilst reminding us all that tragedy can sometimes open the doorway to hope.

  • 9781912092703

    9781912092703Exopod by Joe Gillespie

    Science fiction

    Throughout history, stories have been told of a ‘spirit creature’, a many-headed snake, that appears out of nowhere, devouring animals and people. To the nomadic people of the Sahara, it was the ‘Sand Devil’, in Native American stories ‘Llao, the spirit of the below world. The Aboriginal people of Australia had their own name for it, as did the tribes of the South African svelte who left sacrifices of goats and oxen to placate it. When a rotund lady mayoress is whisked from the stage at a village fete into a hole in the sky, it is photographed for the first time and sets off a chain of events that will rock the world.

    Exopod can be purchased at the special price of £9.99, which includes UK postage.

  • 9781912092697

    9781912092697‘Spare a Thought’ by Jenny Symons


    A book of poems that explores the fundamental questions resonating within each of us about human nature. The collection navigates the difficult waters of the poet’s on-going battle with mental illness, following Jenny Symons’ journey through hospitalisation due to schizophrenia.

    The poet reveals to us her insecurities, her frustrations and her sources of happiness, grappling with themes of love, nature, death, and suicide. Symons finds a powerful and genuine voice that asks us to spare a thought about the realities of every element of existence, from the mundane to the existential.

  • 9781912092710

    9780993526511‘Paint Yourself’ by Tom Burgess


    Paint Yourself is a journey into sunsets; a journey across continents; a journey of ideas and perception, and a journey for renewed life. Written by Bristol poet Tom Burgess, the book provides an alternative perspective of sunsets, combining a range of innovative graphical elements. Paint Yourself is available from Arkbound for £7.99, including postage.

  • 9780993526596

    9780993526596‘Professor Magneto’ by Joe Gillespie

    Science fiction (short story collection)

    Brought to you from the author of Hayden’s realm, this collection of short stories will leave you in the outer realms of possibility. From an utterly bizarre circus act featuring a ‘mechanical man’ to a mysterious object floating above a remote Hebridean beach; from a sinister ‘white room’ where nothing is as it seems to a battle on a lost planet. Whether you are looking for a short sci-fi parable or an intrepid voyage, these stories all have one thing in common: a twist in the tale!

  • 9780993526527

    9780993526572‘Tilly the Terrier’ by Ben Simons

    Illustrated children’s book/animal adventure

    Written and illustrated by an emerging artist, this delightful little book depicts the adventures of a cute Terrier dog called ‘Tilly’. Across each page a poetic journey of spirited animal adventures and thoughts is weaved, making the book suitable for younger children (ages 3-6) and grown-up ones alike! Tilly the Terrier is available from Arkbound for £6.99, including postage.

  • 9780993526558

    Hardcover Book MockUp LYRICALLY‘Lyrically Justified’ compiled by Urban Word Collective

    (Poetry/song writing)

    Free from bad language or attitude, Lyrically Justified is the first collection from various artists and new era poets, using creative writing, urban rhyme and reason to explore current themes. Rolling out of the times, they have joined forces in addressing questions raised from day to day life. They are not breaking tradition, but rather growing from it, making the art of writing poetry their own. If knowledge is power (whether from experience or otherwise), then let this book empower you. Featuring rappers, songsters and spoken word artists, Lyrically Justified is the UK’s “Streetwise Bible”. The book is available from Arkbound for £6.99, including postage.

  • 9780993526534

    9780993526534‘Hayden’s Realm’ by Joe Gillespie

    (Science fiction)

    A man lands a new job in a secretive aerospace company… only to find out that it is building UFOs. Thus begins a rollicking science fiction novel where we find the protagonist transported, against his will, to another dimension or ‘realm’. At first everything looks like the same Earth, but there are some subtle – and catastrophic – differences. How will he find his way back to his own realm, whilst thwarting the colonisation of Planet Earth by an ancient inter-galactic race?

    A journey into space and time like no other, Hayden’s Realm will leave you gripped from start to finish, with twists that keep you questioning what will happen next.

    Hayden’s Realm is available through Arkbound, for the special price of £10.99, including postage.

  • 9780993526541

    Hardcover Book MockUp STICKS AND STONE‘Sticks and Stones’ by Paul Scrase

    (Memoir/true crime)

    Bristol – a city renown for its creativity, ‘green’ ethos, and vibrant cultural scene. But behind the acclaim and awards is a world of crime, prostitution, grinding poverty and violence. Paul Scrase’s book reveals this world like no other. Bristol born and bred, Paul will take you on a relentless journey that is definitely not for the faint-hearted! This is a man who came to manage companies and run brothels, whilst also ending up in prison and jetting to the Middle East. You’ve seen the light… now come and find out what it’s like in the darkness. Paul’s book is available at the special price of £7.99, including postage.

  • 9780993526589

    9780993526589‘Windward’ by Stephen Mason


    A collection of poetry written over the course of nine years, following the poet’s journey through adversity and adventure. From dreams to darkness, from God to courage, these poems will show you that life can be shaped by the depths of your imagination. Windward is available to buy from Arkbound at £4.99, including postage.

  • 9780993526565

    9780993526565    ‘The Asylum’ by Zahid Zaman


    Dare to enter an asylum? An environment where you are never sure what is really going on?
    St Mark’s Psychiatric Hospital is set next to a densely wooded forest, out of sight and earshot of anyone who might happen to be passing by. Patients are bussed in from all over the country. Why can’t their own local hospital
    take care of these patients? What is it about them that makes them so terrifying?

    The Asylum is available to pre-order in hard copy for just £4.99, including postage.

  • 9780993526527

    Vicky's book cover front page ‘The Adventures of Ben and Amy’ by Victoria Clothier

    (Children’s fiction (illustrated)

    This is a fantastic picture book for children between three to six years old. It has been written by a local Bristol artist and doubles up as a mini tour guide of Bristol attractions, whilst telling a nice story about a lost teddy bear. The illustrations succeed in drawing you into the story, no matter what your age, and it could well be turned into the first of a series. For children aged 3-6.
    Hard copies are available exclusively through Arkbound for the special price of £6.99 (including postage).

  • 9780993526503

    justskydone‘Just Sky’ by Stephen Jackley

    (True crime/memoir)

    What made a promising university student become a bank robber? How did a world traveller become an internationally wanted criminal?

    This book is a story of discovery and dreams; of loss and struggle. It will show how the path of crime is not always easy to predict. As the story progresses, a harrowing account of time spent in American prisons is given, where slowly the past unravels.

    Stephen’s book was recently featured in the Times Magazines, along with various local media across the world, and a sequel is planned for 2017. The book may be bought in hard copy for £8.49, including postage.

  • Special Listing

    vanishing_shadows_by_novaheroi-d7u9poo‘Death Visions’ by Kirk Foster

    (Non-fiction anthology: special orders only)

    Inspired by Kirk Foster and co-authored by Anthony Stevens, this book chronicles a series of short stories involving near death experiences.

    The authors take us on a journey to the very boundaries of human understanding, exploring themes and evoking images that few other books even touch upon.

    Built upon Kirk’s time in the Armed Forces, this book is available solely and exclusively through Arkbound. The authors have asked prospective buyers to contact us, after which a copy can be supplied at their discretion for £14.99, or, for members of the Forces (current or ex), for £1.00 to cover the postage.

  • 9780993526510

    Book cover - good intentions front cover only‘Good Intentions’ by Stephen Jackley


    Sometimes you can do the wrong thing for the right reason. Sometimes you cannot allow any barrier to stand before a dream. Even if that barrier is the law.

    For John and Sarah, the means really do justify the end. They have chosen to steal from the richest in an attempt to end the suffering of the poorest. The tantalising prospect of advancing one great leap towards their dream is too much to resist, and a casino heist promises to make all the difference. But as police investigators draw closer and a shadowy organisation looms in the background, they soon realise that they are playing for much bigger stakes.

    Pursuing some of the greatest problems that face our time, this story will both enlighten and entertain. Be ready. Be prepared. Change is coming…

    Hard copies of Good Intentions are available for £9.99, including postage.

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