Events and Opportunities

Book Launch Event

27th January 2018, Waterstones Book Store, Cabot Circus/Union Street

Held all day (10-17:30). Open to all.

Celebrating the talent of Bristol authors, this event will be brought to you by the many contributors of Lyrically Justified (Vol 2).

Expect signings, talks and more at this vibrant event – the first of its kind in Bristol.


Editorial assistant (Voluntary, Bristol)

Chief executive partner (Paid, different locations)

Social media executive (Voluntary, any location)


Enquire with us to find out more!

Annual Arkbound Competition

Award Ceremony

15th December, Backfields House, Upper York Street, Bristol BS2 8QJ

From 15:00-19:00

We will be awarding the certificates and prizes to winners of the Annual Arkbound Competition. There will also be complimentary food and drink for any visitors.

If you are not a winner, you are still welcome to come, but please make a reservation by email.