Book Review: The Journalism Handbook for Media Entrepreneurs

A Journalism Handbook is a wonderful guide for the aspiring journalist. Easy to follow and very accessible, it offers a broad and in-depth look at the practice of journalism. Readers will get ample information on the duties of the journalist, on how to get ideas and research them, how to write a great article etc, whilst also getting insight into the changing media industry i.e. the rise of online journalism.

What makes this handbook special is the practical approach that it takes. At the end of every section the reader gets a checklist of prompts to think about and it’s great how you can apply these prompts directly to your work.
Particularly useful in the internet age, are the sections on online journalism. I found the guidance on navigating social media sources and utilising social media invaluable.

And finally, the chapter on media outlets is truly eye-opening for those who are contemplating setting up their own media outlets and are wondering how they would fund it.

Overall, a wonderful book, informative, and useful and something that the reader can easily go back to time after time. Highly recommend this for anyone who is raring and ready to get into the world of journalism.

Words by Grace Nyaboko.

Grace Nyaboko is a 22 year old lover of all things bookish. You can catch her snapping her latest reads on her Instagram page (@teaandpapercuts) or posting her poetry on her blog.

A Journalism Handbook for Media Entrepreneurs provides a comprehensive guide to aspiring journalists looking to enter this exciting and fast moving industry. Compiled and edited by Arkbound, it’s available to buy here.