Become a Regional Editor

The Arkbound Regional Editor’s project is in its prototype (pilot) stage and applications from people who are interested can be submitted. As a Regional Editor you can:

1) Edit and design your own magazine;

2) Access digital means of reporting professionally and in collaboration with others;

3) Insert customisable adverts , thereby allowing you to make income;

4) Distribute your magazine using our top tips and guidelines, which can also provide additional income;

5) Receive a photo-ID card that identifies you as a Regional Editor;

6) Form staff teams and collaborations with other magazines;

7) Help your local community and be part of a growing social enterprise initiative;

8) Get ongoing mentorship and support;

9) Contribute towards building greater diversity and accountability in the press;

10) Produce a magazine specific to your organisation, institution or area.

If you are interested in becoming a Regional Editor, please download the form at the bottom of this page and return to

Extra Support

We provide a Publishing Excellence Programme, which can last from between 4-12 weeks. Delivered in partnership with other publishers, the Programme offers in-office training, tuition and ongoing support to give you crucial experience in publishing and media – whether you just want to enter the industry or go on to start your very own publishing outlet!


Help your local community by covering different issues, sell your magazine on to homeless and unemployed people at half price, earn income from sales and advertising.

Become part of a growing social enterprise initiative that aims to promote social inclusion, community development and artistic talent.


Manage, produce and distribute your own magazine with support from Arkbound.

You will be given comprehensive guidance and ongoing help in setting up and progressing your magazine. There will be ways for you to form staff teams and link up with other regional editors, allowing for partnerships and more.


 Gain recognition as a Regional Editor, allowing you to effectively report on matters of relevance to your magazine.

There are copious opportunities to form links with other journalists, organisations and media outlets, as well as undergo further training and work experience.



Arkbound is developing an expanding international network of journalists and editors. Partnerships are being formed with journalists and editors across the world so that they can share material, ideas and insights.


LOGO FOR DIVA - USE THIS ONEThe Regional Editors’ Network has received funding and mentorship by the Council of Europe, under their Diversity Accelerator Initiative (‘DIVA’). DIVA aims to bring greater diversity into the media through innovative digital start-ups.


  • Bristol, City wide, UK (‘Boundless’ – October 2015)
  • Bristol, Ashley Ward, UK (‘Vocalise’ – June 2016)
  • London, Aldgate, UK (‘Streetlife’ – December 2015)
  • New Delhi, India (‘Photo World’ – June 2016)
  • Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland (‘The Passenger’ – May 2016)
  • North Devon, UK (‘Reva’ – March 2017)
  • Lisbon, Portugal (‘*Printed*’ – February 2017)
  • Athens, Greece (‘Rebel Runner’ – March 2017)