About Us

Arkbound is a publisher that has social enterprise at its heart. The promotion of  social inclusion and environmental sustainability forms an important part of our work. We do this by working with the Arkbound Foundation on publishing books (and magazines) that raise awareness of important social and environmental themes – both directly and indirectly. We also ensure that we use printing and supply methods that do not damage the environment.

Founded in early 2015 as a Bristol publisher, Arkbound enables people to publish and promote books, as well as become owners of their own publishing enterprises. Arkbound bridges the gap between contemporary and ‘vanity’ publishers by offering a partnership publishing model to those authors who we are not able to fully sponsor.

Since 2018 we have been the charitable trading company of the Arkbound Foundation, donating all profits to charity.

Arkbound publishes books and magazines. It was founded in Bristol as a social enterprise in early 2015.


We are one of the very few publishers to actively support people from disadvantaged backgrounds into the world of publishing and writing. We work closely with the Arkbound Foundation to achieve this, and in early 2018 formally became it’s charitable trading company, with 100% of profits going back into the charity.

From socially excluded origins, Arkbound has gone on to win national and international awards. Our first magazine, Boundless, continues to this day and features a range of pieces from different contributors, including community groups, talented artists and writers, along with exciting features on subjects that were previously unknown!

Our published books are diverse and feature authors from across the UK. Currently most of our titles are in children’s illustrated fiction, along with science fiction and poetry. We are particularly interested in publishing work that has a social or environmental message of some kind. With us, it’s not just about the profit line: we are much more interested in developing creative talent and bridging the divides in the publishing world.

Publishing Network

Our Publishing Network allows people to start their own publishing enterprises. We teach them how to start a successful publisher and provide access to an extensive resource pack. Upon accreditation, publishers are developed and promoted under Arkbound so that they utilise our infrastructure and international networks. From editing and proofreading to distribution and marketing, each publisher will be equipped to provide valuable services.

The Publishing Network works on a collaborative basis, with each publisher supporting the other.

 Competitions and Awards

Arkbound is proud to be a creative social enterprises that is willing to try out new ideas and concepts. In 2015 we launched the first Annual Arkbound Competition, which had three categories open to writers, artists and journalists. After extensive interest, the Competition has reopened for each year and accepts entries in the short story category under a different theme per year.

We have also launched a new Literary Award (the Zooker Award) that has a firm focus on encouraging disadvantaged authors and rewarding works of social value.

Publishing Excellence Programme

We run a Publishing Excellence Programme with other publishers across the UK. The Programme provides in-office experience, training and mentoring over a period of 4-12 weeks that can cover all aspects of book or magazine publishing (or both). Upon completion, candidates are provided with a certificate, reference, and assistance with gaining onward employment.

The Publishing Excellence Programme also represents an excellent opportunity to receive in-depth training to join our Publishing Network. Candidates who undertake the Programme can either be sponsored or self-funded. Visit here to find out more

Statement of commitment to environmental sustainability

AWARDSustainability is the foundation of long-term development. Without a firm sustainability strategy, a business is complicit in causing social and environmental harm. Arkbound places the principles of sustainability at the core of its operations and values. We are fully committed to carbon reduction, utilisation of green energy sources, and recycling. We aim to promote and encourage sustainable businesses, lifestyles and greater environmental awareness. All our stationery, books, magazines and paper (including POD) has been recycled or fully accredited as derived from sustainable sources. We are a member of Go Green, Earth Journalism Network and Climate News Network. We regularly publish and promote features about how to put sustainability into practice, and offer generous advertising subsidies to accredited companies who sell green energy and associated products. Step by step, we believe that it is possible to make society more sustainable, fair and vivacious. Arkbound will do its upmost to make the future better for all.

In 2016 we won a new award from the Bristol Go Green initiative (sustainable travel and transport category), in recognition of making all Bristol deliveries by foot and bike only, as well as having each member of staff commute by foot, bike or the occasional slow bus journey! We continue to have a focus on promoting sustainability as part of wider coverage – whether it be reporting on the impacts of climate change or showcasing positive environmental initiatives.


TRUST IMPRESS logo-02Arkbound believes in accountability and we are a media regulated organisation under the terms of the Leveson Enquiry. We can look into complaints about items we have published which are in our control and adhere to the Standards Code at www.impress.press/standards

We can only deal with your complaint if you are personally and directly affected by an alleged breach of the Code, a representative group affected by an alleged breach of the Code (where there is public interest in your complaint) or a third party seeking to ensure accuracy of published information. Initial complaints must be made to Arkbound in writing: editorial@arkbound.com or Backfields House, Upper York Street, Bristol BS2 8QJ.

We will acknowledge complaints with 7 days and provide a final decision letter within 21 days. If we uphold your complaint, we will tell you the remedial actions we have taken. If you are not satisfied with the final response to your complaint, or if you do not hear from us within 21 days of submitting your complaint, you can refer the matter to IMPRESS, 16-18 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6AG (complaints@impress.press).