We are a social enterprise publisher that produces books and magazines.

We seek to support and publish writers from a range of backgrounds – including those who would face disadvantages in getting published. Moreover, as a leading UK book publisher based in Bristol and Glasgow we also provide training for people looking to get into the publishing industry.

Whether you are an aspiring author, someone wanting to get into the industry, or just looking to buy a quality book – we welcome you.

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  • On 1st December in Bristol there will be a book selling and publisher event – check out the details on our social media.
  • We have volunteer openings in the editorial and promotions department.
  • We have a paid book promotions and marketing executive position opening.

Featured Book

Arcadia Book Cover

Arcadia is a beautifully illustrated hardback children’s book that seeks to introduce young readers to the pressing environmental issues our world faces. Set in an idyllic African village, the book lets the reader discover the magical world of Arcadia, as seen through the eyes of a curious young boy. Each book ordered through Arkbound will come with a commemorative bookmark.

Extract from first chapter:

“Down in the depths of Arcadia, there was a village that rested by the side of the world. It was a village of great beauty, surrounded by silent volcanoes, deep in a valley where a river ran, making the earth rich and fruitful.

The Arcadians were a hard-working, happy people. By the time the first cock crowed, a line of women would already be on their way to do the early morning work on the farms. Birds of every colour would greet them in the sky […]”

To read more, purchase your copy with gifted bookmark from the Featured Books page.