Upcoming Events

19th-22nd January 2017: Bristol Slapstick Comedy Festival provides the largest assembly of living comic talent. A lighter start to a New Year! Held at various venues along Colston Street.

20th January-26th March 2017: ‘Lubaina Himid: Navigation and Charts at Spike Island’ (An exhibition that involves a collaboration with Modern Art Oxford and Nottingham Contemporary). 

A Future Date: Your event. Contact us if you want to list an event in 2016!

Become a Regional Editor

Manage your own magazine and become part of a Regional Editors’ Network. You will be given extensive support and resources to help you get started.

Earn income and gain new skills in the media industry, whilst helping your local community.

This is a new model of hyperlocal journalism (prototype project), and all Regional Editors can enroll for free.

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Publishing a successful book is not easy, but with Arkbound you will receive extensive support to make it a success.

From comprehensive proofreading and reviews to national distribution and effective promotion, we will ensure your book gets noticed fast – both digitally and in print. You can see our latest featured books here. As an award-winning social enterprise, we give authors access to a range of opportunities.

We are always searching for new talent and manuscripts are currently being considered for sponsorship.


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