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We are a social enterprise publisher that produces books and magazines. Our reach is international, with branch offices across the world, but we started in Bristol (UK) and that remains our main base to this day.

Working alongside the Arkbound Foundation charity, we seek to support and publish writers from a range of backgrounds – including those who would face disadvantages in getting published. As well as being a UK book publisher, we also provide training and start-up opportunities for people to create their own publishing enterprises.

Whether you are an aspiring author, someone wanting to get into the industry, or someone looking to buy a quality book – we welcome you.

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Throughout history, stories have been told of a ‘spirit creature’, a many-headed snake, that appears out of nowhere, devouring people. To the nomadic tribes of the Sahara, it was the ‘Sand Devil’; in Native American stories, ‘Llao’, the spirit of the below world. But when it is photographed for the first time, a chain of events is set off that rocks the world.

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The 5th Edition of Boundless magazine features an article on hot air balloons and an investigation into the likely impacts of global warming by 2050. It also features an article on Bristol’s iconic graffiti scene, together with an exclusive interview with renown Banksy.

Boundless is a Bristol magazine and Arkbound’s flagship publication. Like other editions, we have exhibited work by a range of contributors and organisations.


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