Upcoming Events

27th May – 6th June: Bath Fringe Festival

1st – 10th July: Frome Festival

Early June: Boundless Launch Event: 7th – 11th June 2016

Late June 2016: ‘Equality through Art’ free self-image art workshops

A Future Date: Your event. Contact us if you want to list an event in 2016!

Become a Regional Editor

Manage your own magazine and become part of a Regional Editors’ Network. You will be given extensive support and resources to help you get started.

Earn income and gain new skills in the media industry, whilst helping your local community.

This is a new model of hyperlocal journalism, and all new Regional Editors are being fully sponsored.

Publish with Arkbound

Getting successfully published is not easy.

Arkbound will get your book properly proofread, edited, reviewed, formatted, promoted and distributed via both print and digital channels.

We are always searching for talented authors and new manuscripts from a range of genres are being considered for full (and FREE!) publication.


Featuring a range of articles, interviews, artwork and creative writing – get your copy of this new Bristol magazine!

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The Special third edition will be out on June 1st!